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Just One Thing

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

If you could do just one thing to improve your health or mental well-being, what would it be?

In each short episode of Just One Thing, Dr Michael Mosley gives us one simple thing that we can do to improve our health and well-being. Moseley aims to counter the bombardment of information, ideas and opinions about how to live our lives, with a series of simple changes that can be easily incorporated into our busy lives.

In 14 minutes Mosley looks at the latest scientific research into the effectiveness of an idea, explaining the rationale behind it and tests it out. Listen to how an early morning walk to improve your sleep, your mood and your heart. Green spaces can reduce stress, learning how to control your breath can help reduce anxiety and enhance decision-making, and counting your blessings can improve well-being. More activities include singing to give you a natural high, and dancing to improve your mood. And a few minutes of a mindfulness practice can improve focus and reduce stress and pain. Over three series, Mosley shares fascinating ideas to boost your health and immune system, help fight depression, and even improve your productivity and creativity.

I have to admit that I find some activities more attractive than others - dark chocolate, coffee and napping sound good to me, cold showers less so (however good they are for my immune system!) Check out the series here and find out what attracts you.

However, for many people, despite having the basics of good nutrition, sleep and exercise in place, they still struggle with their mental health, the fourth cornerstone of well-being. An independent professional can help you understand why you might be affected, and can help you manage difficult thoughts, difficult emotions and difficult situations. Contact me for a conversation about whether I might be the right therapist for you work with.

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