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Rewind therapy - closure without disclosure

What if you could reconfigure your brain in two minutes, so that a traumatic event, which may have been causing you problems for decades, finally becomes just another memory.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can cause misery for sufferers, from frightening flashbacks and panic attacks, through to diminishing the sufferer’s life by avoiding triggering situations. In an exercise lasting two to three minutes, the trauma that may have affected someone’s life for decades, can be reworked into ‘just’ another memory.

It’s hard to believe it’s so easy. But then, just because you don’t believe something, doesn’t make it not true!

Based on Richard Bandler’s work in the ‘eighties, Dr David Muss developed a therapy to remove the emotional impact of trauma so that it no longer triggers a negative response. I’ve now completed Dr Muss’ training in Rewind Therapy and am offering it to clients.

In Rewind Therapy, the therapist takes the client through an exercise where they ‘see’ themselves on a cinema screen going through the traumatic event and then associating themselves into the image and rewinding the film at great speed until they end up at the same safe place that they started out.

There are some details that the therapist will help the client to get right, which may take a few tries, but it’s a very simple exercise. If the technique has been applied correctly, the memory will remain but no longer cause distress. If the distress does come back, it means that something wasn’t applied correctly and the technique can be rerun.

The therapist doesn’t need to know the content of the trauma, only its nature, and so clients have no need of a traumatic retelling to address the problem - closure without disclosure.

I’ve tried it out and it works. I am offering it free to the first two new clients who would like to give it a go. And I am offering it free to any veteran with PTSD.

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